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                Add: No.88 new road coastal road to build Longwan Zone Wenzhou.
                Tel: 86-577-86880118-808,56755588
                Fax: 86-577-56755578
                Url: www.wzkaihao.com
                Email: kh@wzkaihao.com
                Stainless steel threaded gate valves(WCB\304\316)

                Stainless steel threaded gate valves(WCB\304\316)
                Feature Full bore Size:1/2"~2" Working pressure:200PSI Famale Threaded end:BSPT.NPT.DIN2999 Material list No. Part name Mater...

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                API gate valve(WCB、304、316)

                API gate valve(WCB、304、316)
                Feature 1.Full port 2.Bolted bonnet 3.Flecible wedge,fully guided 4.Rising stem and non-rising handwheel 5.Available with gear box 6.Flanged end and butt-welding ends Specification ...

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                Gb flanged valves(WCB、304、316)

                Gb flanged valves(WCB、304、316)
                Cast Steel Flange Gate Valve PN16-PN64 Size: DN15-DN500 Material: WCB, CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M Applicable in Water, Oil, Gas B. B & OY Structure Type Design & Manufacture: GB/T 12234 Face to Face: GB/T 12221 Flange Dimension: ...

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                Tel: 86-577-86880118-808,56755588    Fax: 86-577-56755578
                Url:www.wzkaihao.com    Email: kh@wzkaihao.com