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                Product list
                Contact Us
                Add: No.88 new road coastal road to build Longwan Zone Wenzhou.
                Tel: 86-577-86880118-808,56755588
                Fax: 86-577-56755578
                Url: www.wzkaihao.com
                Email: kh@wzkaihao.com
                Wenzhou KaiHao valve Co., LTD. (the original wenzhou longwan seaside HuaXin valve factory) is a collection of research, exploration, design, development, manufacturing and operating stainless steel, carbon steel valve series high-tech enterprise.

                The company technical force is abundant, excellent computer CNC machine production, processing and testing equipment, reliable quality guarantee system, and well-trained staff.

                The company produces the product mainly has ball valve, cut-off valve, gate valve, check valve, filter and gb, American standard, Japanese standard, non-standard series valve.

                Its products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, natural gas, aerospace, papermaking, metallurgy, printing and dyeing, paint, environmental protection, pharmacy, grease, biological engineering, food and beverage, water treatment and domain urban construction, etc.

                Because the quality is reliable, the price is reasonable, deeply domestic and foreign customer high praise and trust.

                Our company always takes the "people-oriented, technology innovation, the good faith management, brand made of" development strategy. With the high quality products and services for the society, the development of national industry contribution to make. And all the friends willing to cooperate, create together brilliancy.
                Copyright 2013 Wenzhou KaiHao valve Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved Add: No.88,new road,Coastal road to build ,Longwan Zone.Wenzhou
                Tel: 86-577-86880118-808,56755588    Fax: 86-577-56755578
                Url:www.wzkaihao.com    Email: kh@wzkaihao.com